What Our Customers Are Saying

Rediscover Yourself truly stands behind its business name (5 Stars)!  As noted by other customers Michael truly takes the time to understand the client’s needs if (i.e., recovering from an accident, stress/anxiety, high blood pressure, meditation, or simply for well-being, etc…), you can clearly see Michael loves what he does and takes so much interest in healing you back to health.  Michael never rushes his treatments, he is focused with restoring his client’s physical condition.  You will not be disappointed.

Magdalene Glover

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for over 5 years now. Being a Massage Therapist myself, I am able to tell almost immediately when I am receiving a good massage.
When Michael began to work on me, I realized that I wasn’t only receiving a great massage, but that Michael was also a healer. Michael has the ability to listen to a person’s body and work with it in a way that allows it heal and rejuvenate in it’s most natural state.
I am fortunate to have received a surplus of massages throughout my lifetime, but there is only one Therapist who surpasses all of them and that is Michael Vargas.

Christen Stumbo

Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist, Former owner of Positive Energy Massage Therapy in McLean VA, AMTA member

Thank you so much for serving our faculty and staff during our recent wellness fair. You and your staff were top notch!
We received wonderful feedback on the seated massage services you provided and many requests for return visits to campus.
We look forward to continuing the relationship. Thanks again for your professionalism and hard work. I would recommend you to my colleagues without hesitation!

Rachel Bridges

Director of Communication, Georgetown University

His practice is the best I have used in over 20 years. The combination of techniques he uses, deep tissue, assisted stretching and trigger point worked exceptionally for me.
Michael is a true professional. His customer service skills are superior. He is dedicated to
the field of massage therapy and demonstrates a high level of knowledge in anatomy and
What I like best about Michael is that he is very focused on what I need on each visit and
he really listens to me.

Arnie Keim-Reilly

Sport Psychologist

Michael has a keen sense of touch and a true understanding of the human muscular anatomy. He gives extra attention to the areas that require his “Healing Hands”.
I have used other therapist when on vacation or in a pinch and have always found Michael to be “unequivocally the best”.

Andrea Ciciliano

Director / Owner, Little Acorn Patch

I really enjoyed my massage and energy healing session with Michael. He did an amazing job! I had a consultation visit with Michael before booking the appointment. It was a good idea. Michael really took the time to get to know me. We talked about some of my anxieties and life struggles. I felt at ease talking to Michael. He really listened and offered some great spiritual guidance. You could tell he cared and wanted to make help me feel better.  During my appointment, I had a healing session with lights. Michael said a beautiful prayer which helped me to release negative thoughts and emotions. The session lasted about 30 minutes. Then I had a massage. It was fantastic! Michael did a mix of Swedish and Tai deep tissue massage techniques. Overall, it was very smoothing and relaxing. I felt much lighter and calmer after the experience. I would recommend Michael’s services to anyone who needs help getting rid of negative emotions.  He’s a wonderful spiritual/energy healer and excellent at bodywork. 

Kristen Johnson